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There is a time in every witch’s teenage years when their magic is amplified and the foundations of their witch powers are set. This time is known as their Magical Year. Supernatural entities are drawn to them, spells manifest from the experiences they have, and skills are acquired quickly and easily.

Often witches are encouraged to live in a new place during this year of their life in order to amplify its effects. This is also the time the witch starts putting entries into their Spellbook, a cherished and important possession that will remind the witch of who they are and where their power comes from for decades on.

What life-changing experiences, friendships and powers will you discover in your Magical Year?


The Magical Year of a Teenage Witch is a storytelling roleplaying game that can be played solo or as a group, either as a journaling game or over several 2-3-hour sessions.

The Magical Year uses the Thousand Year Old Vampire system by Tim Hutchings. By answering Prompts ordered in sets, you will string together vignettes that relate to each other and call back to your previous answers.

You play a young witch coming into their power. By answering prompts, you will discover who your witch is, who their friends are, what magical experiences they have, and which powers they learn as they move through the four seasons of their Magical Year. Along the way you’ll gain and modify Traits to reflect how your witch builds on what they know and determine the kind of witch they'll become.

The genre of the game is slice-of-life magical realism, with upbeat and optimistic themes. It’s designed to spotlight characters having otherwise everyday  experiences, enhanced with a little magic.

Inspirations & Touchstones:

  • Flying Witch
  • Non Non Biyori
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Atelier Ryza
  • Golden Sky Stories

This Game Is In Beta

The beta version is the full playtested base game. However, there is a lot I want to add to the complete version, including:

  • A dedicated multiplayer mode: Take on the role of a mentor witch, or one of their apprentices
  • Additional, themed Main Prompt Sheets: Specialize in alchemy, travel the world, uncover an ancient mystery, and more
  • Appendix of resources: Tables to choose from or roll on randomly, a list of spells to use for inspiration, FAQs, examples of play, interviews, etc

The game will be 50% off ($5) while in beta. Purchase it now and you'll receive all updates, including the full release and beyond! Your support is appreciated.

What's Included

  • Game PDF (16 pages)
  • 19 Prompt Sheets (240+ prompts)
  • Character Sheet Templates (.docx & .odt)
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Printer-friendly versions of the game and prompt sheets

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Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

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Magical Year Character Sheet Templates Beta 1.1.zip 642 kB
Printer Friendly.zip 4 MB

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TYOV was my favorite system for solo roleplay by far, and I've been waiting for someone to make a hack/adaptation of it in a different genre. This is perfect!!! The prompts were cozy and evocative, while being challenging in a fun way. I think the new rules added a really fun way of tracking growth and time passing in a way that really suits the genre and world. I played it all day, and then turned around and taught my fiancée to play and we started a new game together. 

V excited for the expanded content!!!

Thanks so much, levoneh! I can't tell you how much your enjoyment of the game means to me.